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Where it all started. The original rig of Junk Bros back in the hey day.

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About Junk Bros.

Garbage, Trash & Junk
Removal in Boise, Idaho

We’re more than Junk Removal and Demolition : We offer a variety of services that include junk removal, property clean ups, and furniture removal, but also demolition projects, construction debris removal, concrete removal, land-clearing, tractor/land projects, and labor services. You will be so happy and proud of how great your home or business looks after we’ve completed your project and to top it off, our company will give your recycling and donation items a second chance.

The journey started many years ago when my brother and I wanted to start a business together providing a great culture and a business that helped the people in the community on a daily basis. After several failed attempts in other business ventures we had, we found our niche in the junk removal business and have been improving and expanding since 2016. What started out as a way to make extra money for our kids, has now turned into a business that supports many families, crew members, and people across the Treasure Valley. I’m proud to say that we created something special and continue to learn and grow in this evolving industry. We have a lot to learn, but the support and dedication in all those involved with our company’s roots is something my brother and I are so thankful for. We will continue our journey in providing an awesome service and trying to do our small part in reducing, reusing, and recycling.

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