Spring Cleaning Benefits

Tips to Make Your Spring Cleanups a Success Our legs and arms are starting to see the sun again. Flowers are starting to bloom. It means spring is here. It also means it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. Make sure to check out our post about five tips for preparing for spring cleaning if […]

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Spring Cleaning Prep

5 Tips for Preparing for Your Spring Cleanups With springtime upon us, it’s time for the annual task of spring cleaning. Ever wonder why spring? Why not winter when we’re holed up in our homes looking for indoor activities to do? The tradition of spring cleaning first began as a way to rid the home […]

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Trash Removal Tips

We all plan to keep our homes tidy and clean but eventually start collecting clutter and ultimately trash. If the clutter and trash has gotten out of control you may need some help with trash removal. We have outlined some trash removal tips below to help cut the clutter and removal all the unwanted items […]

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5 Benefits of Professional Junk Removal

In the 21st century, you can order just about anything on the internet. However, the one thing you probably haven’t thought about is the junk in your house. As you order more things, cardboard boxes might start piling up. You have a couple of options for how to get rid of them. If you have […]

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The Benefits of Junk Removal

A junk removal company is exactly what it sounds like. They remove junk from your house for a fee. Typically, they deal in trash and other bulk items but they can remove just about anything. The junk removal industry has actually been growing lately. Research has found that people are trending away from materialism that […]

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Can You Make Money on Your Junk?

If you have lived in your house for a while or if you have inherited a piece of property, you could be surprised by how much junk you have acquired. The junk tends to increase incrementally until you have more than you know what do with. The best option is to hire a junk removal […]

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Five Ways to Cut Your Junk Removal Costs

Many are under the impression that hiring a professional junk removal company is more expensive than doing it yourself. When you factor in the costs of hiring the right tools, buying supplies, driving items to the waste transfer center, and other smaller expenses, you’ll find that a good junk removal company can actually save you money. Those […]

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Holiday Gifts Creating a Storage Problem? Here’s a Solution!

Every year around this time, many of us experience an unforeseen dilemma. No room for my new stuff! As kids grow older, their gear tends to grow with them. Same for the adults! Remember the little backyard hibachi that you used to use? No more! Now it’s been replaced with a giant state-of-the-art “Grillinator 5000” […]

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Removing Junk for Real Estate Agents

Removing junk from homes is nothing new to real estate agents. A quick responding company is vital to a real estate agent to help them get houses prepared for the market. A local junk removal company is a great solution for a fast response while being responsible and gentle with your home. When junk haulers come in […]

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Junk Removal 101

When choosing a junk removal company it can be a challenge to determine the right company for your needs. You may not know anyone who can give you a personal recommendation on junk removal because its not as common of a service as painting or landscaping. Junk Bros recommends confirming the company you hire has […]

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A Few Reasons to Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company

The reason you may use a junk removal service will vary from person to person but generally its because you need assistance in the removal. Maybe you are doing a renovation project, moving or needing to clean out your home after neglecting to do so for years. Most of us have items laying around we […]

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Light Demolition? Save Time: Junk Bros Will Remove Your Backyard Eyesore!

Saying goodbye is never easy! That old shed has served you well over the years. The aging swing set that provided hours of fun, now offers nothing more than a potential need for a tetanus shot. Your patio has seen better days. Nobody wants to take the time to demolish and remove these old backyard […]

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Was This Winter Hard on Your Boise area Home? Junk Bros Can Help!

Anyone living in southern Idaho knows that this winter was out of the norm! We just don’t get this kind of weather. Did your home take a beating due to heavy snow loads, or excess standing water and ice? It may be time for some light demolition and junk removal. If you’re anything like most […]

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Spring Cleaning…the Junk Bros Way!

After a winter like we’ve had this year in the Treasure Valley, Spring is more welcome than ever! Most of us are looking forward to getting out and making those much-needed home improvements. A big part of home improvement starts with spring cleaning. You must clean before you fix. If you don’t, you’ll likely miss […]

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A Treasure Valley Property Manager’s Best Friend? A Quality Junk Removal Company!

When you’re in the business of managing multiple properties, there are likely several industries you need to have on speed dial. One of them should be a quality, local junk removal company. Why? Like most things in business, time is money! If you’re a Treasure Valley based property manager and are trying to quickly turn a […]