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Take a break...We can help!

If you’re running a business or need a commercial clean out, we’re here to help! We’ll take the necessary steps to assist in all your removal needs. This type of removal can be overwhelming, so let us make this process smooth and hassle-free. With years of experience in tackling projects throughout the Treasure Valley we guarantee a smooth and effective removal process for both you and your customers. We know how important it is to provide a professional process that is seamless and doesn’t affect your day to day operations. If you have specific hours to complete a project or any specific instructions for us, we will follow all protocols and make sure the removal project gets done on time and within budget. 

With our commercial crew standing by we will be sure to provide superior service throughout the entire process from the initial estimate to the final walk-through. Contact us today for more information or any questions you have.

Our Boise Commercial
Junk Removal Services

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Whenever there’s construction, whether it’s working on a remodel, or starting from scratch, there will always be a big pile of junk for somebody to clean up. If you’re a general contractor, or in any related construction field, Junk Bros. can assist in all of your construction debris clean-up. Our team offers full-service construction site clean-ups and will work with you to accommodate your schedule and deadlines to get the job done. Avoid the dumpsters and let us do all the cleanup. It’s easy to get started, and we guarantee on-time, top-notch service. We’re FULLY LICENSED, BONDED, AND INSURED and ready to make your project hassle-free. Focus on what you do best, and let us worry about the mess.

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If you manage property from household rentals, apartment complexes, or commercial spaces, they all require a lot of attention and detail to prepare, clean, and maintain. The day-to-day operations can be time consuming and stressful. Your main priority is keeping the tenants happy, and taking care of their needs. Don’t get distracted with cleaning out the properties or worrying about leftover items from tenants moving out. We are here to help every step of the way. We want you to focus on your tenants and customers, why we make your job easier! With Junk Bros. it’s a one stop shop. Book an appointment with us and we can do full clean-outs of the office or commercial building.
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Restaurant owners, retail owners, and commercial landlords we’re here for you. You are the heart of the Treasure Valley, and why so many people call Idaho home. Focus on your customers, keep thriving, and scratch the cleanup off your to-do lists. If you need a professional full-service junk removal quickly and efficiently, then contact us today to get started. We’re eco-friendly, courteous, and can perform the job for you around a schedule that works best for you. Remember Junk Bros. is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and can usually get the job complete within the same day, depending on size and volume of the job.

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Real Estate

Realtors realize the importance of curb appel, and showing home buyers and renters home properties that are clean, tidy, and free of junk. If you are a realtor and need help cleaning up your properties then please contact us today so we can help alleviate this unnecessary headache for you. Junk Bros. specializes in full-home property clean-outs and will make sure your property is junk free and ready for sale. Whether it’s a home, foreclosure, estate cleanout, etc. home buyers or renters will be thrilled to look at houses that are ready to move in. Take this step out of your work lists and let us help you. We can work on several properties at a time, or schedule a junk removal time that works best for your busy schedule. Junk Bros. offers fast and friendly junk removal with an emphasis on recycling when we can.
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If you are looking to relocate offices, downsizing, expanding, or just need to get rid of some office stuff, we can assist with the entire process. We can disassemble cubicles and desks, remove large and bulky items, and rearrange furniture for you and your staff. As trained professionals in removing these types of items, we guarantee to provide a piece of mind when hiring us for this task. Most office supplies and furniture is large and heavy. Save your back and and time, and let our crew take care of this project. We know running a business is stressful already, so why not let our team help with this step in the process.
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Apartment Maintenance Program

Taking care of an entire apartment complex can be a daunting task. There’s only so much the maintenance crew and management can take care of in a day, and sometimes it can begin to get overwhelming with the trash and items that pile up in and around the complex, or a bad tenant that left everything inside their unit. That’s where we come in.

Our expert junk removal crew can take care of the removal process at your complex and make sure the dumpster areas stay clean, pile free, and able to be picked up by the local dumpster service. We also can perform complete unit clean outs and will get your unit cleared out and ready for the next tenant. We know sometimes tenants throw in a couch, tires, and bulky items in the dumpster or on the side of the dumpster, which causes problems with the dumpster service unable to empty the dump, and tenants complaining of the unsanitary look of the area. We want to help alleviate this problem and always keep your complex looking clean and upkeep. From the dumpster areas to the units themselves we can provide a full-service junk removal program that covers all platforms within your complex.

We would like to become you number one choice in all things removal and be your go-to team in keeping your complex clean and junk free. Let the maintenance crew take care of the other issues of the complex and let us do what we do best, removing junk. We can discuss your pain points and needs to fully customize your maintenance removal program.

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Your maintenance removal program is a no-brainer. Why?

  • Deters damage and unsanitary conditions throughout the complex 
  • Regular maintenance removal pick ups decreases more junk to pile up, always junk-free 
  • Improves overall resale/rental rates 
  • Keeps complex looking junk free, clean, and up to date for tenants, staff, and customers 
  • We can clear out and empty units fast for the next step in getting it ready again for the new tenant. Don’t wait weeks to get it emptied, we have crew ready to tackle any project. 

Maintenance Removal Program includes: 

  • Having a clean-up crew at the click of a button. Same Day/Next Day Service 
  • Expert junk removal crew uniformed and ready to provide superior service 
  • Annual plan customized for both your schedule and budget 
  • Superior Customer Service 
  • Open communication and fully transparent on jobs completed (before and after photos) with detailed report ● Always available to discuss any projects needed to be taken care of.
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Partner Up

Real Estate agents and property managers are tasked with more than buying and selling homes, renting properties, and maintaining complete customer satisfaction for their clients, they also offer connections.

If you’ve been in real estate for awhile, or just starting out, you know your customers might need help in removing items, de-cluttering their home for sale, or just need help in removing some unwanted item through the cycle of moving in or out. Knowing this, can give you an edge with your competition and increase your chances of success and becoming a force to be reckon with in the market. That’s where we come in-

As a professional and trusted junk removal company we have seen the challenges our customers face in finding a reliable and honest removal company. Sure, you can find a fly-by-night operation, or hire the friends of a friend, but is it worth the stress and worry? With this in mind, we decided to roll out a partnership program that brings on real estate agents, property managers, maintenance managers, and facility mangers.

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What Do I Get out of it?

For realtors and property managers a huge portion of business comes through referrals. When you provide your customers with superior service, they tend to tell others about their experience with you and ultimately come to you for their real estate needs and rental needs. Going above and beyond for your customers will always create more business. By creating a long-lasting good impression on your customers, your real estate pipeline should blossom. When people come to you for support and realize your referrals or partners are professional, compassionate, and honest, this will only accelerate your professional reputation among your clients. When one of your clients needs a couch removed, appliance disposed of, or a whole house emptied, we guarantee a remove process for your client that’s smooth and hassle-free.

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Partner with Junk Bros, Why?

Partnering with the right junk removal company is essential as this can make or break in your relationship with your clients. We value you as a partner, the reputation you built, and the professional clients you strive to make happy everyday. We want to do the exact same! As a professional junk removal company we pride ourselves in creating better customer experiences and will always go above and beyond in making the removal portion of the experience painless. Our removal services are competitive in the market, and there’s never hidden fees or surprise charges in any job we do. We work with full transparency in the process, cost, and always try to create an environment for the client that’s engaging and positive. Happy customers will have no doubt recommending a realtor or property manager to others as well.

It’s a win-win!

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Full Service Junk Removal VS. Dumpster Rental

Looking for an alternative to renting out a dumpster in the Treasure Valley? When you’re renovating a home, cleaning out the home, downsizing, or just have an overload of junk that needs to be removed, a dumpster rental might seem like a great idea. However, renting a dumpster often becomes more of a hassle than a convenience. Aside from signing a lengthy contract, making a deposit on the dumpster, hoping they deliver it on time, and having it take up space on or in front of your property for days, weeks, or months you have to load it all up on your own. Instead of focusing on the project, remodel, or organizing, you have to take the time to load it into the dumpster which adds more time and hassle to the project.

When you decide to hire Junk Bros for your removal and clean up, you’ll avoid all the inconveniences that come with a dumpster rental. There’s no unsightly dumpster sitting out front of your property and in the way, an eyesore to your neighbors, and a daily reminder that you need to fill it up and schedule a pick up time and date. We can take items the dumpster rental companies usually don’t take that includes appliances, metal, electronics, tires, and more. To top it all off we do all the heavy lifting, lauding, hauling, and proper disposal for you. When remodeling to work on a project it’s sometimes easier to pile it where you’re at, which is perfect. With us, we can come inside your home or property and grab all the items and debris from where it sits. With a dumpster, the back and forth loading and piling will only add time and hassle to your project.

There are a number of differences between junk removal and dumpster removal. As mentioned above there’s also costs, labor, and more. 

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Full service junk removal with Junk Bros versus a dumpster rental

We offer: 

Dumpster – None of the above

Honest Reviews From Real People

What Your Neighbors Have Been Saying About Us

Garrett and Caleb did a wonderful job cleaning out my shed. I had just moved in and didn’t want anything that was in the shed, and they got it all cleaned out for me quickly and efficiently. They were both super respectful and I’ll definitely be calling Ryan if I need any more work done! Highly recommended for commercial junk removal, residential junk removal, and any other services.

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Commercial Junk Removal in Boise ID

Brittany L.

Highly recommended! Cordell and Erin were great! Hard workers, friendly and accommodating. We are executors on an estate which was full of damaged and dated particle-board furniture. Erin and Cordell were professional with a positive attitude and were patient as we asked them to remove things item-by-item. In addition, the price for Junk Bros can not be beaten – and they were able to come out the day of our call! Would definitely use them again for commercial junk removal if the need arises.

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Commercial Junk Removal in Boise ID

Christine H

We have had the guys from Junk Bros out to help clean out our school 2 times. They are always prompt, courteous and reliable! They have shown up when they say and leave the jobsite incredibly clean! We will continue to use Junk Bros. for commercial junk removal and all our business needs!

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Commercial Junk Removal in Boise ID

Randi R.

Benefits For You To Enjoy!


Prompt Service

Start with a guaranteed free, no obligation quote and consultation. This will be in writing with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We will work with you in scheduling a time that best suits your needs to start. With a team that strives on providing superior customer service daily, we will make sure to provide a removal experience that is smooth sailing and efficient. Why wait to get that junk pile out? The crew is ready to help!

Always In Touch

We guarantee to always call or text you 15 minutes before arrival to let you know we’re on our way and en route. We care about our customers and believe communication is a key element to making your experience with us is the absolute best. With a simple phone call, fast quote booking, email, or text message our crews are ready to help you gain your space back. Contact us today or book online 24/7 for a free quote.

Affordable Prices

Guaranteed competitive pricing on all junk removal and demolition services and will perform each job with courtesy and professionalism. Did you know we’re eco-friendly as well? From start to finish we will sort through to see how we can recycle, donate, and properly dispose-all included in the price. We will always be up-front about our pricing and will never surprise you with sudden or hidden fees.

Easy & Reliable

Guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and offer the best prices in the industry. We want to make this process seamless from the initial contact, to the final wave goodbye. If it’s not seamless and creates more of a burden for you, then we shouldn’t be in the removal business. As we continue to improve we will always continue to provide top-notch customer service. Contact us today to get started and scratch this to-do off your list.

Our Commercial Junk Removal process is Easy Breezy

Working With Us is Easy as 1-2-3

Book It

We have a designated team of professionals ready to answer any questions you might have, and will work around your schedule to find a time that best works for you. We provide free in person quotes, so all you have to do is select a time on our calender and we'll come out on the day and time that works best for you.

Quote It

On your scheduled 2 hour window, we will give you a call when in route 15-30 minutes prior to arrival. When the Junk Bros. team arrives you will receive a no-obligation written estimate. If approved, we will tackle the job and get your removal project taken care of for you.

Dispose It

Junk Bros. does all the work. Sit back and relax. We do all the lifting, loading, and cleaning for you making sure the entire project is complete to your satisfaction. We make sure your junk is properly disposed and gets donated and recycled to the many charities we work with in the Treasure Valley.

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Frequently Asked Boise Commercial Junk Removal Questions

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No matter the size of the removal project we have the crew capacity and proper equipment to get the project complete in a professional and timely manner.
Not at all. We do commercial jobs weekly and a lot of the time it’s for businesses or companies that want a prompt and professional clean out with a deadline in mind. We can usually get an estimator out within 24-48 hours and will provide a walk-through and estimate on arrival with a removal date to follow. Avoid the hassle and hire us for your commercial clean out.
We can easily manage these accounts and conduct a walk-through and plan to effectively achieve exactly what you have in mind for each property. We have the means to remove items throughout complexes and properties on scheduled times, and we will always make sure to provide top notch service each and every time we arrive.
If you would like to set up an account with us we can provide many different payment options for our service. Net 15, Net 30, we are open to our customers’ needs and willing to go the extra mile to make payment options easy and convenient.

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