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Hoarding disorder is a serious problem that affects approximately 3.5 million Americans, and often gets to the point where it is extremely hazardous and unsafe for the people living in these conditions. At junk Bros. we strive to handle our clients in these situations case by case and always try to provide our service at a superior level, promising prompt service, a respectful crew on site, and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Our Boise Hoarder and Estate
Cleanout Services

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How Does a Hoarding
Situation Occur?

Hoarding is defined as the gathering of items in one’s home that are not useful to the sufferer. These objects can be anything ranging from magazines, plastic bags, trash, or animals. Eventually, the space is filled to the max capacity and there’s little room for the home’s residents to live. A hoarder doesn’t realize or recognize the extreme measures of the situation until family of loved ones address the matter. We have experienced each type of clean up and our team is dedicated in assisting throughout the clean up process with the families involved, the resident living in the home, and all those a part of this journey of cleaning it up.

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How do Junk Bros handle
a hoarding project?

We are ready to help anybody that might be in a hoarding type of situation. We tackle every hoarding project with compassion and detail, and our sensitive to your needs. We will always be respectful of your property and belongings, and always ensure you and your family are treated with open communication and thoughtfulness throughout the entire clean up process.

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How We Process
the Clean Up?

When we meet to take a look at the situation we will evaluate the project and get a gameplay on the proper steps in completing the clean up, keeping in mind the fragility and challenge it might be for the resident in the home. After a careful review of the site, our hoarding expert would provide a free estimate in full detail of the job, items to be removed, items to sort, which items to stage, all categorized for the resident to clearly see the process of the clean-up. If approved for clean up, we would then assign crew, equipment needed, and a time and date that works best for you. We would strive to provide prompt service and complete the clean up in a time efficient, professional manner. We know it can be hard to take the next step, but we take pride in providing a healthier home, a solution to this situation, and making this process easy and hassle-free.

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What Your Neighbors Have Been Saying About Us

Junk Bros were so wonderful! They responded quickly to the message I sent and were very communicative during the whole process. We bought a home that needed so much help and we just didn’t have the time or vehicles to haul away all of the junk that accumulated. They took a lot off of our plate by coming and cleaning things up. Ryan was friendly and honest. I would deal with Junk Bros again for Hoarder Estate Cleanouts in a heartbeat.

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Hoarder / Estate Cleanout in Boise ID

Talley G.

Junk Bros. were awesome! They came out to my place, gave me an estimate for clearing out my garage, which had accumulated years worth of “stuff” including furniture, an old swing set, I had it all. They were quick & super friendly and the cost came in exactly as they had quoted. They will forever be my first call for clean up jobs! Highly recommended for Hoarder Estate Cleanouts and other services.

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Hoarder / Estate Cleanout Boise ID

Shelly O.

I have used Junk Bros twice. The first time they picked up riding lawn mowers, large furniture, and misc metal that had been collecting in our garage. I didn’t need to be home and they were able to invoice me. The 2nd time they picked up an old piano. Bryan, Caleb, and Garrett were quick, efficient, and clean. I will use Junk Bros again for Hoarder Estate Cleanouts and other services.

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Hoarder / Estate Cleanout in Boise

Catherine F.

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Labor Only Services

If you find you’re in a situation where you need an extra hand, a job that requires heavy lifting, moving, or is just too much to tackle, Junk Bros provides labor only services throughout the Treasure Valley. We can send a professional and uniformed crew for any specific project you have in mind, and give you the comfort in knowing that your project will be complete. Save your time, back, and hassle, and contact us today to get started. Labor Only Service examples include:

  • Help Loading or Unloading heavy items in and out of storage units, moving vans, etc.
  • Help Loading and Filling a Dumpster during remodeling, cleanup, etc.
  • Moving items inside the home, staging, and rearranging furniture.
  • Moving boxes out of the basement or attic to another area in your home
  • Moving file cabinets and other office furniture within your office or place of business
  • Additional labor and heavy lifting that you may need in the yard, garage, or property
  • Any other labor type assistance needed.
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Keep it LOCAL: We provide smooth and hassle free service.

Let your friends and family avoid the back breaking work, safety issues that could happen, and time consumption to get your projects complete, and let the team at Junk Bros. help assist with these projects. Our team is trained for any task and project, and you’ll be ensured to know that we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

We are aware that each tasks has its own unique challenges. Please contact us today to learn more about our rates. Call us at 208-297-8720 or book online anytime 24/7. We look forward to serving you.

Benefits For You To Enjoy!


Prompt Service

Start with a guaranteed free, no obligation quote and consultation. This will be in writing with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We will work with you in scheduling a time that best suits your needs to start. With a team that strives on providing superior customer service daily, we will make sure to provide a removal experience that is smooth sailing and efficient. Why wait to get that junk pile out? The crew is ready to help!

Always In Touch

We guarantee to always call or text you 15 minutes before arrival to let you know we’re on our way and en route. We care about our customers and believe communication is a key element to making your experience with us is the absolute best. With a simple phone call, fast quote booking, email, or text message our crews are ready to help you gain your space back. Contact us today or book online 24/7 for a free quote.

Affordable Prices

Guaranteed competitive pricing on all junk removal and demolition services and will perform each job with courtesy and professionalism. Did you know we’re eco-friendly as well? From start to finish we will sort through to see how we can recycle, donate, and properly dispose-all included in the price. We will always be up-front about our pricing and will never surprise you with sudden or hidden fees.

Easy & Reliable

Guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and offer the best prices in the industry. We want to make this process seamless from the initial contact, to the final wave goodbye. If it’s not seamless and creates more of a burden for you, then we shouldn’t be in the removal business. As we continue to improve we will always continue to provide top-notch customer service. Contact us today to get started and scratch this to-do off your list.

Our Hoarder / Estate Cleanout process is Easy Breezy

Working With Us is Easy as 1-2-3

Book It

We have a designated team of professionals ready to answer any questions you might have, and will work around your schedule to find a time that best works for you. We provide free in person quotes, so all you have to do is select a time on our calender and we'll come out on the day and time that works best for you.

Quote It

On your scheduled 2 hour window, we will give you a call when in route 15-30 minutes prior to arrival. When the Junk Bros. team arrives you will receive a no-obligation written estimate. If approved, we will tackle the job and get your removal project taken care of for you.

Dispose It

Junk Bros. does all the work. Sit back and relax. We do all the lifting, loading, and cleaning for you making sure the entire project is complete to your satisfaction. We make sure your junk is properly disposed and gets donated and recycled to the many charities we work with in the Treasure Valley.

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Frequently Asked Boise Estate Clean Out Questions

Got Questions?
We've Got Answers

We will carefully conduct a walk-through of the project at a time that works for you. Once we evaluate the scene and get a general idea of exactly what you want removed, we would provide an estimate and a time to start the project. From start to finish we will always be open to discuss, communicate, and answer any questions about the process you might have.
After the initial walk-through we can provide the removal service at your convenience. In most of these cleanouts, the customer is away from the location and letting our crews tackle the job as discussed. If anything were to question the estimate or changes need to be made we would contact you and make sure it has been approved before doing so. These can take time to complete so depending on the size of the job we would provide an end of day progress report as well if needed.
Crew is trained to sort through and load accordingly based on the material and type of items. In most cases, we can recycle or donate a lot of the items and would provide a donation receipt on your behalf if requested.
Most certainly. As long as we have all your information and the details about the property and situation we can walk through the project and get the job completed. Depending on the size of the project and the situation we do ask for a deposit. This is the subject of the project and would be discussed in detail before the project removal start date. Wherever you may be located we have worked with and will work with anybody that needs our services.

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