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Junk removal services are a great resource for real estate agents. When helping a client prepare their home for market a junk removal service may be a necessary service. Helping to create curb appeal, and can bring in higher priced offers and deals.

Real estate agents know the importance of a first impression on homes and junk can be a major deterrent for home buyers. When homes show well they can pull in higher offers and fasters sales. Debris and junk can clutter any area of your home including the yard, garage or other rooms. Decluttering is as important as cleaning when it comes to preparing a home for market. Appraisals and inspections can even be affected by excessive junk. Successful real estate agents know the importance of pristine showing conditions and can really benefit from junk removal services.

When advising a customer about how to prepare their home for sale it can be a delicate subject. Homeowners often see their “junk” differently than prospective homeowners and can be offended when you ask them to remove their belongings. A junk hauler can help you to relocate the belongings to a safe location away from the home so the homeowners can keep their treasures and the junk can be removed. Real estate agents need to be careful to protect their clients feelings while looking out for the best interest.

There is more to junk removal than just aesthetics. When people approach a messy place it makes it hard for them to see the bones and structure of the space beyond the junk. Messy closets seem small and messy garages appear unusable. Work with your client to help them understand that the messes are about more than just the stuff and more about the feeling they provoke for buyers. If your client is willing to you can schedule a dependable junk remover to come in and handle the messes for you and create the vision you are working on for the home.

What to look for in a Junk Removal Agency-

  • Quick response
  • Junk and Trash Removal
  • Good Work Ethic and Reliable
  • Can carry all size and type of items
  • Good reputation
  • Works in the Areas you Need
  • Conscientious about clean up and hauling

Remember this is a sensitive subject for some homeowners and to treat them with the respect and gentleness that they deserve. Junk removers are a great resource for any real estate agent or broker.


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