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Keep it local. You hear it a lot. You see it posted on local businesses. Why does it really matter? Good question! There are several reasons why spending your money with locally owned businesses is a good idea. Junk Bros is locally owned and wants to share their Top 3 reasons to “Keep it Local!”


This one may seem obvious, but when you do business with companies that are wholly owned in the local community, your money stays within your community. It’s not feeding some corporate fat-cat back on the east coast. Instead of helping said “fat-cat” pay their beach house mortgage, you’re helping a local family afford piano lessons for their child or to take that much-needed vacation. It also helps grow our local tax base. Again, helping maintain a stronger Boise area economy. Check out this infographic from the Huffington Post for more information on buying local!


Imagine a company that hires as few local people as possible and sends the rest of their work to other states, or in many cases, other countries. Buying local will help cut that possibility to near zero. Small, local business owners are the largest employer on a national level. That means it’s up to us to keep our communities employed and productive.


When was the last time you bought something at a “big box store” only to return it later? It happens daily in every community. When was the last time that the person taking the return was truly vested in the process? Probably never. That’s because they have no real “skin in the game”. When you buy local, you can just about guarantee when you take a product back or are unhappy with a service, that the owner will do more to make you happy than that big box store clerk will have done. That’s not a knock on the clerk. It’s just a matter of being a stakeholder versus not being a stakeholder.

Again, there are many, many reasons to buy local. If you need junk removal services in the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa area, contact locally owned Junk Bros! You’ll be glad you did.


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