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Turn up the VOLUME - How our pricing works

Our price of your job is all based on the volume of the junk we remove, not by how long it takes our crew members to remove, haul, or dispose of your junk. We prorate based on the amount of space the items take up in our truck beds.

For demolition projects we will conduct a thorough walk through of the particulate project, go over all the specific details about the project, and provide you an accurate and competitive rate to perform the job. For demolition projects, once approved, we would coordinate a time and date for the crew to start the project, assign all necessary equipment, and be ready to complete your project smoothly, efficiently, and on-time.

Have a bed load of material you need taken away? We do that too and would provide an in-person free estimate to take a closer look at your pile and provide a more accurate estimate. With bed-load material such as dirt, sod, rock, or concrete these can weigh a lot and may require equipment. If this is the case we would price accordingly and is priced case by case. Contact us today to learn more. No matter the size of the load we can handle any bed-load pile.

Junk Removal Company in Boise ID Junk Bros. 14

Pricing Breakdown

Pricing is straightforward and simple. We avoid any surprises and will provide you the best price among all the competition. When our team provides a price, that’s the price you pay for the job. No hidden fees, no secrets, no BS, making sure you get the best rate and service every time. 

Every project is slightly different and each junk job has its own set of challenges. We have crews that can tackle any job, and make sure to provide superior service for all your junk removal needs. 

Included in your quote:

  • Fuel/Crew Costs 
  • Labor/Equipment Charges 
  • Disposal Fees 
  • Donation & Recycling Deliveries 
  • Full Damage Insurance

To set up a free estimate or have any questions please contact us today at 208-297-8720 or book online 24/7. We look forward to serving you. Cheers

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Junk Removal Company in Boise ID Junk Bros. 14
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