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When hiring a junk removal company like Junk Bros you may wonder what to look for to ensure they are a quality company that you can trust. The first thing to consider is if they can handle your project. A junk hauler should be capable of handling any size project ranging from a single item removal to an estate clean out. You may find some junk removal companies are just a guy with a truck and they cannot in fact handle your project needs.

The first factor to consider is if they can remove your junk in a quick manner. With junk removal most customers are ready to have the junk removed when they call so quick response times are important. If you are demolishing your kitchen to install new cabinets you will need the trash removed quickly to get ready for your custom cabinets.

Another important factor is if they take all the items you are wanting to remove. Some companies have a “don’t take” list because they do not take hazardous materials which is pretty standard. If you find a company with a long list of items they won’t take you may want to consider a more full service company like Junk Bros.

The junk service company should have all the necessary resources to complete your project like tools, dollies, vehicles and any additional tools they may need. Big projects require a lot of trips to the dump and may be hard for some smaller organizations.

Competitive pricing is a big factor when choosing a company and you should make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at the price structure for your quotes. Some companies price projects based on the amount of junk while others base the price off man hours to complete the project.

Ensuring your junk will be disposed of properly is a big concern. Keeping the environment in mind when disposing of or recycling the items from your house is important and should be a factor you consider when hiring a company. Hazardous materials have very specific disposal requirements and you may want to ask the company you are hiring to ensure they meet these standards.

Finally, clean up after the removal is complete should be part of the service. Sweeping the area that the junk was removed from. Blowing down outside where dumpsters, or trailers collected junk is a  great final touch to the junk removal process and really sets apart the quality companies from the lower level options.


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