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During a typical work week, Junk Bros comes across many, many items that are in too good of shape to be simply discarded. While the owner of the property may simply “want it gone”, the team at Junk Bros has begun putting those items to good use recently with their first yard sale benefitting a local charity. On March 31st, the entire Junk Bros team (including Dad) was out in force selling those unwanted items with all proceeds going to the Women’s and Children’s AllianceRyan Gregory, Junk Bros founder, said of the event, “we see so many items that could be salvaged that we couldn’t simply overlook them. Normally, we donate them to thrift stores, but we thought this was a good opportunity to sell them and donate the earnings directly to a charity that we feel strongly about.”

From wheelbarrows to kayaks, the Junk Bros yard sale had a little bit of everything! Furniture for just about any budget, along with video games, DVDs, and knick-knacks filled the tables in front of their State Street location in Boise. Junk Bros plans to have one sale a month if weather permits. One of the company’s primary goals is to recycle and reuse collected items whenever possible. This keeps landfills from overflowing any faster than necessary, while helping budget conscious shoppers find rare treasures on occasion!

Interested in shopping for deals while making a difference? Keep an eye on the Junk Bros Facebook page for announcements on upcoming sales.


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