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Renovations made easy with Junk Bros.

Renovation Budgets Expected to Hit Record Levels This Year Home prices have skyrocketed among the COVID-19 pandemic. As of April the national median listing price was up 14.2% compared to last year and up 32.4% compared to April of 2020 (according to Realtor.com). Houses are also going quicker and often driving bidding wars. Those who […]

Spring Cleaning Benefits

Tips to Make Your Spring Cleanups a Success Our legs and arms are starting to see the sun again. Flowers are starting to bloom. It means spring is here. It also means it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. Make sure to check out our post about five tips for preparing for spring cleaning if […]

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Spring Cleaning Prep

5 Tips for Preparing for Your Spring Cleanups With springtime upon us, it’s time for the annual task of spring cleaning. Ever wonder why spring? Why not winter when we’re holed up in our homes looking for indoor activities to do? The tradition of spring cleaning first began as a way to rid the home […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Trash Removal Tips

We all plan to keep our homes tidy and clean but eventually start collecting clutter and ultimately trash. If the clutter and trash has gotten out of control you may need some help with trash removal. We have outlined some trash removal tips below to help cut the clutter and removal all the unwanted items […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

5 Benefits of Professional Junk Removal

In the 21st century, you can order just about anything on the internet. However, the one thing you probably haven’t thought about is the junk in your house. As you order more things, cardboard boxes might start piling up. You have a couple of options for how to get rid of them. If you have […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

The Benefits of Removing Junk Around Your House

It is surprisingly easy to accumulate junk over time. Without even realizing it, you might accumulate more stuff than you can manage while living at your house. If that stuff is unwanted, it could be called junk. That’s especially true if it’s unusable. Many people choose to put that junk outside so that it doesn’t […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

The Benefits of Junk Removal

A junk removal company is exactly what it sounds like. They remove junk from your house for a fee. Typically, they deal in trash and other bulk items but they can remove just about anything. The junk removal industry has actually been growing lately. Research has found that people are trending away from materialism that […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Can You Make Money on Your Junk?

If you have lived in your house for a while or if you have inherited a piece of property, you could be surprised by how much junk you have acquired. The junk tends to increase incrementally until you have more than you know what do with. The best option is to hire a junk removal […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Five Ways to Cut Your Junk Removal Costs

Many are under the impression that hiring a professional junk removal company is more expensive than doing it yourself. When you factor in the costs of hiring the right tools, buying supplies, driving items to the waste transfer center, and other smaller expenses, you’ll find that a good junk removal company can actually save you money. Those […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Turning “Junk” into Cash…for a Cause

During a typical work week, Junk Bros comes across many, many items that are in too good of shape to be simply discarded. While the owner of the property may simply “want it gone”, the team at Junk Bros has begun putting those items to good use recently with their first yard sale benefitting a […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Stopping Junk from Overtaking Your Home

Some junk removal projects take junk removal crews, while others are things we can all do from home. Stopping junk before it enters your home is a great way to keep your home clean and de-cluttered. Set Limits- First, to keep junk from overtaking your home means you need to set limits. For instance, how […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Junk Removal Services for Real Estate Agents

Junk removal services are a great resource for real estate agents. When helping a client prepare their home for market a junk removal service may be a necessary service. Helping to create curb appeal, and can bring in higher priced offers and deals. Real estate agents know the importance of a first impression on homes […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Four Reasons to Hire a Junk Hauler

Hauling junk is a difficult process and can be time consuming. Removing the junk from your home, loading it and then taking it to be disposed of can take an entire weekend. We all are busy, tired and outsourcing your junk removal may be the perfect way to lighten your load. 1- Convenience The biggest […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Holiday Gifts Creating a Storage Problem? Here’s a Solution!

Every year around this time, many of us experience an unforeseen dilemma. No room for my new stuff! As kids grow older, their gear tends to grow with them. Same for the adults! Remember the little backyard hibachi that you used to use? No more! Now it’s been replaced with a giant state-of-the-art “Grillinator 5000” […]

Junk Removal Boise Idaho

Construction Site Cleanup Made Easy

If you are a contractor or work doing handyman or remodeling work you may be interested in junk removal for your construction site. A service that removes construction debris and junk is a great way to finish your job. Junk Bros is the perfect tool for a busy tradesman to save time and keep their […]