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If you’ve lived in your home for a decade or more, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to have a lot of stuff when it comes time to sell. I mean a lot of stuff! Not all of this needs to move with you to your new home, especially if you’re downsizing.  Getting rid of the junk in your home will not only make your move go more smoothly, but you’ll find it easier to move into your new home after “right sizing” your stuff! Here are a couple of reasons to get the junk out if you’re about to put your home on the market!


Getting your home décor under control will allow potential buyers truly see the possibilities within your home. They don’t want to see 40 boxes of comic books in the garage…they want to see open space where they can place their own treasures. A 2012 article on said that 99% of real estate agents recommend decluttering a home prior to going on the market. This is a valuable part of the real estate staging process. That same article goes on to say that removing the junk from your home has a more than 500% return on your investment. That’s pretty good stuff!


If downsizing is the plan, you’ll want to be sure to move only what matters most. Removing the junk will allow you to focus on making those decisions. You don’t want to go through box after box after box of stuff deciding what should go. If you haven’t opened it in 5 years, hire a local junk removal company to remove it for you. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to the trash! In many cases, it will be donated or recycled. Read our recent blog here on this very important topic!

There are many, many reasons to keep your home free and clear of excess stuff. We’ve only covered a couple of key points to consider if you’re moving. If you think you have a junk problem, you probably do! Contact a locally owned company and get that stuff under control today….you’ll be glad you did!


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